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Las Vegas, NV – Vegan Protein: Products at A Local Nutrition Store

Veganism and Vegan Protein

Over the years, Veganism has seen a great increase in popularity with many more people all over the world choosing to make this significant lifestyle change. With the increase in demand for Vegan foods and product, the world must adapt to meet these demands. No doubt you have gone to a restaurant and have seen an increase in Vegan food options on the menu. In addition to restaurants, the nutrition and supplement market has made great strides in introducing new products for the Vegan lifestyle, including Vegan Protein. Let’s go over a brief look at Veganism and discuss how Vegan Proteins can greatly supplement Vegans.

Veganism was introduced as a more “hardcore” take on Vegetarianism. Vegetarians do not eat animals but may consume products or foods that are derived from animals, such as dairy products. Vegans, on the other hand, do not consume any sort of products or foods that contain or come from animals. Someone may be more inclined to a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle due to religious beliefs, environmental concerns, their health, or more commonly for Vegans, out of concern for an animal’s well-being.

If you have chosen to live a Vegan lifestyle or are considering it, it is important to understand that it will impact your intake of nutrients that typically come from animals or animal products. Easy substitutions can be made, but if you are looking for additional supplementation, there are many supplements on the market to support a Vegan Diet. The most popular products that Vegans come into our stores for are Vegan Proteins. There are many types of Vegan approved protein sources with brown rice, pea, hemp, quinoa and soy being the more prevalent. It is very important to get a plant-based protein that contains complete protein sources or blends that have sources that compliment each other in order to get the maximum benefit from the protein. Some popular brands are MRM's Veggie protein, PEScience's Vegan Select, Nutrakey's VPro, and Garden of Life's Raw Organic Protein. These proteins all offer a blend of plant-protein sources that compliment each other and provide a quality protein source for Vegans looking to enhance their fitness and lifestyle.

If you are looking for supplements to enhance your Vegan lifestyle, stop by any Vegas Discount Nutrition to view our awesome selection today!


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