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Las Vegas, NV - Nutrition / Supplement Store: Vasodilators and Nitric Oxide Products

Pump Up Your Workouts with Vasodilators 

What are Vasodilators? Here at Vegas Discount Nutrition, we had a customer come in asking about vasodilators or products that help increase nitric oxide in the body. Increasing nitric oxide is important when working out because it can help increase performance and blood flow to muscles. The “pump”, or when the muscles you are working out are filled with enough blood to make you feel like your muscles will pop out of your skin, is a great feeling to have when at the gym. A lot of bodybuilders chase this feeling which helps create their addiction to working out and getting bigger. This increase in blood flow to your muscles also drives a lot of nutrients to those areas which can help increase growth and recovery.

Feel the Pump! The customer wanted our best products for that increase in nitric oxide. Some of these include Impact Pump from Allmax, Bucked Up Non-stimulant from Das Labs, Full as F*ck from 5% Nutrition, and VasoBlitz from BuildFastFormula. All these products are powders that you take as pre-workout to help increase vasodilation and nitric oxide in the blood. For the customers that do not like powders, we recommend NO3 Chrome Capsules by Cellucor or Volume by Magnum Nutraceuticals. L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and Beet Root Powder are other products that can help increase nitric oxide and blood flow.  To learn more about each of these products or to get help determining which product would work best for you, stop by any of the 7 conveniently located Vegas Discount Nutrition Superstores and speak with our NAFC Certified Nutrition Coaches today.


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