• Vegas Discount Nutrition

Las Vegas, NV - Local Supplement Store Continues to Expand Across the Country and Internationally

Vegas Discount Nutrition Superstores is proudly continuing our expansion across the United States in order to bring our amazing prices, selection, and service to more people around the country.

We currently have 8 locations in Las Vegas. We expect to open 2 more Las Vegas locations in the first quarter of 2020, one at Blue Diamond and Buffalo as well as one inside LVAC at the 95 and Galleria. We currently have 2 OC Discount Nutrition locations, 1 location in San Diego, and 6 SoCal Discount Nutrition locations across Southern California, with 2 more expected to open in 2020. We now have 4 locations throughout the greater Phoenix area. Our Colorado chain has just opened their second superstore location in the Denver area and will be opening a third location in 2020. We have 1 location in Manhattan, Kansas and 2 in Miami, Florida. We are expecting to open up another location in Miami in 2020. Our Hawaii chain will be opening their second superstore location in the first quarter of 2020.

We at Vegas Discount Nutrition are excited to bring our stores to an international market with Guatemala Discount Nutrition. This first international location will be opening in 2020.

As always, we would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, and employees for continuing to make these expansions possible. We look forward to bringing out stores to even more states and countries soon!