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Las Vegas, NV – Local Nutrition / Supplement Store: Ashwagandha Herb: A Closer Look

A Closer Look at the Ashwagandha Herb

Aside from being notoriously hard to spell or pronounce, people have been using the Ashwagandha herb for thousands of years for its many health benefits. Originating in India, Ashwagandha was originally used as a tonic in the practice of Ayurveda, a form of alternative medicine. The tonic was given to people of all ages for various ailments or to even lengthen a person’s lifespan as far back as 6000 BC.

The benefits of Ashwagandha have withstood the test of time and is still commonly used today. Ashwagandha has adaptogenic qualities meaning the chemical compounds found within the herb can assist with our homeostasis, or our stabilization of our bodily processes. It has numerous benefits; for example, Ashwagandha can help reduce cortisol our bodies main stress hormone, provide immune support and natural testosterone support, as well as aid in fertility. It has also been used to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and impede the growth of cancerous cells.

Two trademark types of this herb are very prevalent in the supplement market: Sensoril and KSM-66 branded Ashwagandha. Some companies sell them as standalone products, such as Nutrabio with their product containing just the KSM-66. Other companies such as DAS Labs and Allmax add them to their natural testosterone boosters in the products Rut and Testo-FX. Garden of Life carries a very concentrated Ashwagandha supplement within their My Kind line of products. Ashwagandha can also be found in a lot of adrenal support products such as Adrenal Revolution from MuscleSport.

Ashwagandha has so many uses, which make it a go-to supplement for every individual to support their health. Start reaping the benefits and pick up some at your local Vegas Discount Nutrition Superstore! Our staff of NAFC Certified Nutrition Coaches will be more than happy to assist you with all your health and nutritional needs.


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